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  Letters from our Customers

Dear Mr. Zai,

Thank you so much for the pleasure of doing business with you and your company.  After seeing the stone, I knew I did not have to have it verified as it was beautiful. However, for insurance reasons, I had to get an appraisal. The stone was exactly as described and I was told the price was at least 25 percent below US wholesale!

Your thorough e-mails to me keeping me informed every step of the way did much to put me at ease in my first time dealing with an overseas transaction. It is clear to me that you are a very honorable businessman and I have already referred a new customer to you. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to put other perspective customers at ease.  Thank you very much for such a beautiful stone at such an attractive price.

Warmest Regards, 

S. Ferry
Bellevue, Washington

Dear Mr. Zai:

I want to personally thank you for the fine pair of diamonds that arrived today from your company. They arrived on time and perfectly packaged with the HRD certificates.  Most importantly, however, they are beautiful!!  My wife and I are delighted with the purchase.  I have never seen a more beautiful pair for use as earrings. They look just like they should with the fine cut, color and clarity specified in the HRD certificate.

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive spending such a large amount of money for diamonds that I could not inspect before purchase. Moreover, you and your company were not known to me.  I had to depend upon your reputation and the general integrity of the Antwerp diamond community.

You should also know that I looked over the offerings of many firms who are selling certified diamonds over the internet.  Your price was very competitive but I also liked the idea of dealing directly with a diamond manufacturing company with a fine reputation.  Most of the Internet based diamond merchants are middlemen.  They make a database of available stones known to the customer and they handle the transaction if the customer decides to purchase from the list.  Some will provide a money back guarantee for a short period to allow inspection.  But I would rather deal with a known entity than depend upon a return policy.

Thanks again.  I hope we can do business in the future. Perhaps for our next anniversary.

N. Becker
Manchester, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Zai,

  This is a small note to let you know I received my diamond Friday at my place of business. it came just as you described in a metal box and sealed with a certificate.   Although I spent many hours reading and searching for a suitable diamond for my fiancée I happened upon your site and sent an inquiry. What I received was a quick and very nice response to my needs.  I have to admit that this being my very first purchase of a diamond I was very nervous to say the least about buying one in person, let alone over the net from a foreign country in a sealed plastic wrap, after wiring bank funds.   Well, I can tell you that after numerous e-mails and a phone call, your kind demeanor and total professionalism made me feel as comfortable as though I was dealing with a jeweler who lived next door.   The diamond was every bit as spectacular as shown on paper.  When I was able to finally see the stone, it took my breath away.  Nothing I had seen here came even close to it's beauty for anywhere near the price I paid.   When my fiancée saw the finished ring set only in a simple solitaire setting she was speechless.   I would not hesitate for one moment sharing or recommending your services to anyone who might inquire.   Please feel free to use my name for anyone who desires a recommendation about your services or quality of work.   You have a lot to be very proud of, you delivered an exceptional product with honesty and integrity.

A customer for life,

Dr. D. Benkle Stockton, California

  P.S. For any doubters, I had the stone set by a certified GIA gemologist and appraiser, who used the latest laser grading equipment and came up with almost an exact duplicate of the stone's grading, both color, cut, dimensions and clarity.  The gemologist was also surprised at how accurate and spectacular the stone was, and the tremendous value I received.  Thank You ever so much.    


Dear Mr. Zai,

I am totally and completely satisfied with my experience with Gendiat. I had my loose stone appraised yesterday and I was delighted to see my local jeweler look at her calculator in disbelief and then rerun her numbers.  After I was finally given the appraisal, the GIA gemologist turned to the store owner and said, "This gentleman just got a diamond from the internet for less than we can get it."  The owner then asked for your website so her son, who is looking for an engagement ring, could get a better deal than his mom could get him through her store.

Thanks so much for everything,

Scott M. Dresden, MD
Waterford, WI USA


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