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Established in 1969

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Where in the world is Gendiat?


Gendiat is located in Antwerp, Belgium.  Antwerp is a harbor city located in the northern part of Belgium and near the southern border of Holland.

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You can easily get to Antwerp Central Station from all the major cities in Europe such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels.  Gendiat is only a couple of minutes walk away from Antwerp's Central Station.

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We do hope that you can spare some time and stop by our office one day, even if it's only to say hi.  We do encourage you to notify us ahead of time regarding your visit so that we can better greet you once you are here.

Our address is:

Gendiat bvba
Diamantclub van Antwerpen, Suite 511
62 Pelikaanstraat
2018 Antwerpen, Belgium


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