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Choosing a Diamond


Everyone likes to own a beautiful diamond once in his or her life time, but does not know where to shop. The general anxiety is whether the diamond is of the finest cut, its real carat weight, color, clarity and ultimately its value. No one likes to overpay, even for a beautiful diamond.

Now we have provided a GIA or HRD diamond certificate as an independent unbiased appraiser to evaluate our product so as to ensure all aspects of the certified diamond. You may check our prices against those of our competitors with HRD and GIA certificates. The American GIA and Belgian HRD are both non-profit institutions issuing the most reliable diamond certificates. Please refer to our Diamond Certificates section for information concerning these Institutions.

To determine a stone that is best for any individual depends entirely on personal preference. Most people begin with a round diamond, then gradually diversifies to other shapes. A round stone, somehow shows the most brilliance and sparkle. It does not mean that Fancy cut diamonds are inferior in brilliance as a very well cut fancy shaped diamond can equally display a great deal of sparkle and brilliance. In fact, diamonds of over 3 carats, fancy shapes tend to be extremely good sellers.


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